Though we we don't know who'll be playing at 2016's manifestation of the Outside Lands music (and more, they claim) festival, we do know when they will be playing: August 5-7, festival organizers told us today.

As always, the three-day outdoor event will be held in Golden Gate Park, to the delight of those bison and Uber drivers who know concertgoers wil pay pretty much anything to get away from the west side of SF once the evening chill sets in.

Of course, who knows? The human race could be wiped out by then, with only pockets of survivors living in underground bunkers. Or, more likely, we could be stumbling on as we are at this moment.

ANYWAY! As you know, last year the big headliner was Elton John, which, I dunno. Who are your dream acts for 2016? (And why hasn't Chris Issak ever played the fest? I know, he's not the coolest act ever, but his house is within walking distance!)

In any case, here's hoping this guy is back again nest year: