City Attorney Dennis Herrera has finally had enough with notorious San Francisco landlord Anne Kihagi, filing a motion yesterday for a preliminary injunction against Kihagi in an effort to put an end to her long campaign of illegal tenant harassment.

Kihagi, who owns over fifty units spread across the Mission, Castro, and Noe Valley, has repeatedly employed dodgy tactics (including accusing a 70-year-old grandmother of selling weed) in her efforts to evict tenants from rent-controlled units.

The injunction follows on the heels of a lawsuit from the city this past June which accused Kihagi of "unfair or unlawful business acts" and seeks to stop “unlawful tenant harassment and illegal evictions,” reports the Chronicle. According to Herrera, Kihagi's has done nothing to slow her path of destruction/eviction despite being sued by the city.

“We believe that the pattern of conduct is so egregious and such irreparable harm is being done that a decision should be issued as quickly as possible,” the Chronicle reports Herrera as saying. “It’s incredibly important that we be proactive in making sure we do everything we can to stop her from continuing.”

In a press release issued today by the City Attorney's office, Herrera put Kihagi's actions in a broader context.

“In nearly 15 years as City Attorney, I’ve seen nothing to equal the vicious conduct and complete contempt for the law that we continue to see from this defendant,” said Herrera. “Anne Kihagi has been a ruthless predator—targeting tenants in rent-controlled apartments for harassment and illegal evictions, and singling out seniors and people with disabilities for particularly despicable abuse."

San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener told the Chronicle that Kihagi is "a sociopath who has no regard for the lives or well-being of her tenants and no regard for the law."

Which: damn.

Wiener then went further, claiming "[Kihagi] is going to commit fraud and engage in intimidation to enable her unethical speculation."

Kihagi is defended by notorious local eviction attorney Karen Uchiyama, who claims her client simply purchases buildings with "loose management and bad tenants" and doesn't hesitate to kick out tenants who break her rules. Kihagi has been known to offer buyouts to rent-controlled tenants, and when they refuse them, she begins instituting strict house rules and resorting to threats to push them out and raise rents to market rate.

Let's all hope that this injunction succeeds where June's lawsuit failed in putting a stop to the predatory and downright messed up actions of a San Francisco landlord at her worst.

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