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After nearly a century years in business, it seems time is finally up for Roosevelt Tamale Parlor. An announcement posted to the exterior of the restaurant claimed that the one-two punch of a shrinking pool of minimum wage workers living in San Francisco and "unsustainable wage expectations" from the workers that do remain means the restaurant is no longer profitable. Roosevelt Tamale Parlor, located on 24th Street between York and Bryant Streets, is set to close this Sunday, December 6.

Owner Aaron Presbrey and chef Barry Moore also cited “personal health issues" as a factor contributing to the closure, notes Mission Local.

Presbrey and Moore took over the Parlor in 2012 after the previous owner, Isaac Mejia, died in a tragic car accident.

In conversation with our very own Jay Barmann (writing for Grub Street), Presbrey explained at the time how he hoped to remain true to the traditions of the place while simultaneously updating the menu.

"We're preserving the rich history that is The Roosevelt Tamale Parlor and enhancing it with some new and interesting things," before adding that "[the] same kitchen staff is back there."

Presbrey was quick to get ahead of any potential rumors regarding the building's owner, writing that "[the] decision was in NO way influenced by our landlord who has been nothing but reasonable and fair with us."

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