Professionally hot man, talented actor, and suspected foodie Jake Gyllenhaal was in San Francisco earlier this week — doing what? shooting Zodiac 2? I don't know, that shit is still unresolved. But, you guys, I saw Jake myself, and it was very nice and I liked it.

This was at Cala, the rave-ready restaurant from Mexico City culinary star Gabriella Camara that Chronicle food eater Michael Bauer is already positing as the best Mexican restaurant in the United States. It's definitely fresh and beautiful to match Mr. Gyllenhaal. But my waiter seemed more interested — perhaps understandably — in Jake than in getting our food out, taking our order, or waiting on a young couple in much of any way!

In San Francisco, though, I suppose we take what we can get in terms of celebrity sightings — we sort of drop everything, like our waiter — and like the shooting star he is, Jake was gone by the second time I used the bathroom to gaze upon him.

Looks like one dog had a nice encounter with the actor yesterday, though, so keep an eye out as he's likely still here. Jake! Where's Maggie?! We love Maggie, Jake!

Perhaps Jake can be found on his knees gardening with Alice Waters, which he's been known to do as Bon Appétit writes. That's how we like to picture these things, anyway.