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This is a sponsored collaboration between Leesa and Gothamist staff. Make your own fresh start with a Leesa mattress. SFist readers get $75 off with code SF75!

Like it or not, the New Year is coming. It's a symbolic time to start fresh, so why not embrace it? A lot of New Year's dread comes from just knowing your resolutions will fail miserably. Instead of focusing on the same old clichés, start fresh in advance, and where it really counts: your sanctuary. It wouldn't be a stretch to assume that the go-getters in life are the ones who make themselves a room that's warm, inviting, cozy and refreshing. It embraces their personalities, it helps them recharge.

Here are a few small ways to get on the path to just that kind of space:

Make your bed and tidy up before you leave for work. It makes the sporadic Big Clean easier, plus when you come home at night, it's like stepping into a perfect, clean hotel room. There'll be nothing to do but switch to slippers and decide what's for delivery.

Speaking of beds... get a new one! Well, at least start with the mattress. You'd never have categorized this chore as "easy," but Leesa is a new brand that's changing that. Their high-quality mattresses come at a low price you'd never find in a mattress store, and each one is delivered in a tiny little box, just waiting to unroll and puff to its final form. Leesa's 100-day free trial with no-hassle returns (they come to your house! And take it away! For free!) is a dream for the car-less folks out there, too.

Banish electronics. This is a tough one, but it should be a no-brainer. It's been proven that people who use their bedroom strictly for sleeping get better rest.

Think about mood lighting. String up some lights, put out some table lamps, arrange some candles. It's nice to collapse into bed without contractor-grade overhead lighting beating down on your face.

Make a spot for your jewelry, small accessories, perfume or cologne. On your dresser, your nightstand, a wall shelf, doesn't matter; gather these bits together, find a nice dish for the really small stuff, add a candle or a succulent and—suddenly!—you have a tableau out of a magazine.

Frame your art. Nothing says "I somewhat planned this" like stuff in frames. Posters, photos, postcards, album covers, you name it. You can find some perfectly cheap frames at dollar stores, drug stores, hobby stores and online that'll add polish to anything.

Add some greenery. If you ever stand back and feel like there's just something missing, add a plant. If your decor is 80% there, it'll bring the space together; if you have no plan whatsoever, it's a way to start that's somehow both homey and sophisticated.

Find a home for not-clean-not-yet-dirty clothes. Admitting that you're never going to put clothes away is the first step to keeping clutter out of your space. Find a nice rack of hooks you can throw things on, a hat stand, or even just an extra drawer you can toss things into. It's not perfect and your mom probably wouldn't approve, but at least it'll be more "bohemian artist" than "smelly freshman."

A mattress isn't the first place people look when they're making a fresh start, but when getting a new one is this easy and affordable, it sure should be. Leesa offers:

  • Redesigned luxury. Expertly crafted to create a luxury feel and look that appeals to every body.
  • Easier shopping. Exclusively online. Ships free, compressed in a box. Try it for 100-nights, risk free.
  • Outstanding value. Simply the best luxury mattress you can buy for under $1,000.
  • Giving back. Leesa gives one mattress to homeless shelters for every ten they sell.

Make your own fresh start with a Leesa mattress. SFist readers get $75 off with code SF75!