A vital new addition to SF's Best Burgers list this year, the delicious pimento cheeseburger at Mission bar ABV, is reportedly under threat of removal from the menu as recently promoted sous chef Collin Hilton takes the reins in the kitchen. ABV owner Todd Smith sent out a release Monday announcing the news that opening chef Kevin Cimino was moving on, and Eater immediately got on the horn to find out if Hilton had any plans to take the burger off the menu.

Says Hilton, though he does plan to overhaul the majority of the "utensil-free" selection of dishes, "It would be a minute before I could take away the pimento cheeseburger. I would not remove that until I felt i had something that was better than that. But it’s on my radar."

Hilton expects that almost everything on the menu will be swapped out by early in the new year, but adding that because he's been on board in the kitchen since it opened, "it won’t be an extreme change that will upset anybody."

Removing the pimento cheeseburger, however, will definitely upset me, Collin. Just putting that out there. And I am certain I am not alone in this.

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