The Golden Gate Park Polo Fields were aflutter yesterday with exercise enthusiasts attending the annual "Turkey Trot" run, a sporting event for those with designs to binge-eat their way through the fall holiday. As one participant and presumed glutton explained the guilt-run to ABC7, "We come out and we run so then we can eat whatever we want the rest of the day."

But it wasn't all fun and games at this year's race. In a theft that can only be described as a crime of no compassion, organizers report that their U-Haul vehicle, filled with what KRON 4 reports was 2,000 t-shirts* as well refreshments and snacks, was stolen Wednesday.

"At this point, we are looking at a very bare bones event," wrote one droll organizer for the Trot, which benefits track and field programs at Lowell and Washington High Schools. "We are doing all we can now to make up." Fortunately, kids prizes, bib numbers, pies, wine, and the prehistoric bird itself were stored elsewhere.

While the U-Haul has now been found by the Oakland Police Department, it's reportedly been emptied of its contents. So, as you celebrate late-stage capitalism today, keep an eye out for someone selling 2,000 Turkey Trot 2015 T-shirts, won't you?

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* This post has been corrected to show that the number of stolen t-shirts was 2,000, not 200,000.