As many as 15 scary, weapon-like baseball bats, some with nails protruding from them, were found chained to utility poles across town on Thanksgiving Day. Police report finding the bats in various locations starting Thursday morning, with the last bat — which appeared to possibly be a pipe bomb, prompting the bomb squad — discovered at 4:45 p.m. at 19th Avenue and Buckingham Way near the Stonestown Galleria, as KRON 4 reports.

ABC 7 has video of the sawed off bat that was discovered last, which also had a square piece of metal attached to the end of it.

SF resident Gerrie Burke found one of the bats, with bolts protruding from it, at Mission and Rolph Streets, in the Outer Mission. As he tells ABC 7, "They had to drill holes in it. They knew what they were doing. Whoever did this put it together, this was not put together in an hour." He suggests it could be an "art project," but it did succeed in freaking everyone out, whatever it is.

The SFPD's Sgt. Michael Andraychak is just calling it "very strange."