In a total rout of the last-place Los Angeles Lakers, the Warriors won their home game last night 111-77 to become the the team to win the most consecutive games at the start of a season in NBA history. With 16 straight wins, they broke the 15-0 record held by two teams, the Houston Rockets of 1993-94 and the Washington Capitols of 1948-49.

As ABC 7 reports, star player Steph Curry only had to play for 30 minutes, and headed for the bench with 6 and a half minutes still left in the third quarter. He scored the game high of 24 points.

Another fun fact, via SportsCenter, because they live for these fun facts: "Warriors now have 30 straight games with 8 3-pointers. That's the 2nd-longest streak in NBA history."

As noted yesterday, the Warriors are poised to have another historic season all around, with no signs of slowing down and a great team in place.

The Mercury-News's basketball reporter Diamond Leung spoke to coach Luke Walton and Curry last night, with Walton saying, "Eventually, we will lose," and Curry responding, "I doubt it."

Curry then, sort of immodestly, qualified his quip. "There most likely will come a time when we take a loss and have to deal with the emotions of that. We’re probably not going to go 82-0, and we’re probably going to lose a couple games in the playoffs."

So, yeah. He's basically saying they're going to go at least 20-0, set an unbeatable season-starting record, and things won't even get interesting until next spring. This was just a "mini-goal" apparently, and the next one will be to reach 34 straight wins during the season, with the record of 33 set by the '72 Lakers.

The next team that gets a chance to stop this Warrior train will be the Phoenix Suns on Friday night.

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