The latest — and apparently last — last-ditch effort to remain open from Sinbad's, who surprise-filed for bankruptcy last month while sheriff's deputies knocked on their door, has been foiled according to the Chronicle (note that longtime columnist Carl Nolte has his math wrong, and says the place is 50 years old, but it opened in 1975). The rejection of their Chapter 11 bankruptcy claim is the second case lost by the 40-year-old restaurant's operators, the three Stinson brothers. Previously, they'd claimed that the Port of San Francisco, who has been trying to evict and raze Sinbad's in favor of a park and expanded Ferry Terminal for a year now per an earlier agreement, had acted in bad faith, or something like that.


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Anyway, now the restaurant's Scheherazade series of stalling maneuvers has finally come to a close, and the restaurant has too. The drinks stopped pouring last night at the stroke of midnight.

“This is it,” said Tom Stinson, president of Sinbad's. “It’s very hard for me,” Stinson said. “It’s been a part of my life, and I tear up when I think about it.” Stinson noted that, after 40 years, “Some [customers] have been coming in so long that now they bring their grandchildren."

Today, movers arrive to take the fixtures, including the namesake fiberglass Sinbad the Sailor statue — a rough allusion to Chronicle columnist Herb Caen's remark that San Francisco was like "Baghdad by the Bay."

"Lost in time, yet its time running out," food wiseman Anthony Bourdain said of Sinbad's on a recent trip to the area. "Living out its last stand on San Francisco's Pier 2, just south of the hordes of neck beards and man bun vapers buying artisanal drip coffee a few hundred yards away."

Near the end of Scheherazade's tale of Sinbad's journeys, the sailor returns to Baghdad, selling all his possessions and resolving to sail no more. Not sure how much that statue and the fixtures will go for, but let's hope it's enough for Sinbad's owners and staff to rest easy — at least for a while.

See you guys at the park.

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