While our esteemed colleagues at Gothamist ably cover Saturday Night Live every Sunday morning, there was a notable local element to this weekend's Matthew McConaughey hosted episode that deserves SFist attention, I believe. Our city was involved with not just one, but two of this weekend's sketches, both described by Gothamist as "awkward attempts at weirdness." Just like SF, right?

In "Blues Shack," McConaughey plays a white San Franciscan male with some distinctly first world, Bay Area problems (all of which I feel I've heard guys complain about in various bars across the city). Hear his tale of woe here:

Next up, we had the Moscone North-set "3D Printer Man," in which a crowd of San Francisco conventioneers is presented with the first-ever human being created using a 3D printer. Roy Batty, he is not:

And finally, while it wasn't set in SF, I certainly though of some of you (not you, of course) when I watched this sketch. If no one's nailed down the Disqus user name "My Long Brown Braid," somebody really should.

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