If you were still confused about how the double-decker tour bus ended up smashed against the Apple store construction site on Friday, there's now video of the incident from multiple different angles. The Union Square Business Improvement District has surveillance cameras all over the area, and KRON 4 now brings us their footage of the incident, showing the bus flying down Post Street, knocking aside some orange traffic barriers, and finally crashing into the scaffolding.

They have, thankfully, spared us the footage of the cyclist getting hit at Post and Mason, but one camera angle shows how one lucky pedestrian who was crossing at Stockton Street right next to the construction site jumps out of the way just in time as the scaffolding collapses beside him.

Below you can see more of the raw footage. The final clip shows the immediate aftermath of the crash from the perspective of the Nike Store, in which onlookers first stand staring, and then a few begin rushing toward the scene as they realize there are injuries. Two pedestrians ended up trapped beneath the bus in the accident, and a total of 20 people were hurt.

The CHP is set to re-inspect City Sightseeing's fleet of 27 vehicles this week — KRON 4 says they have nine other buses like this one.

ABC 7 reports that they've been trying to reach the company's CEO, Christian Watts, since Saturday, and he's refused to make any comment. They even chased him down at Fisherman's Wharf and he allegedly ran away from them.

Watts did issue a company statement immediately after the crash saying they were "deeply saddened" about the injuries caused.

Mechanical failure appears to be to blame, with the driver reporting having heard a small explosion before finding that the bus's brakes had completely failed.

As reported earlier this week, there are big questions to be answered about why City Sightseeing had not properly registered this bus with the state after purchasing it, and why it allegedly had a license plate on it belonging to another bus in the fleet.

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