As more details arrive about preparations for the eight-day Super Bowl 50 celebration in SF, we learn that "about a dozen" Muni bus lines, including the F-Market streetcar, will be disrupted by the fan village at the foot of Market Street. The F-line won't be running at all between Embarcadero and the Castro, as Muni chief Ed Reiskin is telling the Chron, only between Fisherman's Wharf and the Ferry Building. And a bunch of other bus lines will have to re-routed onto Mission or Howard Street to accommodate the party in early February.

The decision has yet to be made on removing the electrified overhead wires that power many of these buses, and now Super Bowl host committee spokesman Nathan Ballard is spinning this as being primarily a safety concern, and not an aesthetic one. "Safety is a top concern," he says, but "nothing is set in stone." Apparently some of the jumbotron screens they're planning to set up between Justin Herman Plaza and Beale Street will be two stories tall, and this is partly why the wires an issue.

It's estimated that removing and then replacing the wires will cost in the tens of millions of dollars, to be paid for, presumably, by the committee. Supervisor Malia Cohen says she's concerned that "we’re hearing nothing" so far about this plan, about which she'll be holding a hearing on December 7th.

It remains unclear how many days the F and other Muni lines will be disrupted, but the fan village is set to open on January 30 and remain open through Game Day on February 7.

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