I'll forgive you if you comment "do people still watch Project Runway?" since it's true, the reality/competition/fashion show is definitely not what it was in the halcyon days of Austin Scarlett or even Santino Rice. But, yeah, I do (if only to follow SFist contributor Beth Spotswood's recaps on SF Gate), which is why the above photo caught my eye when it hit SFist's Flickr photo pool this weekend.

Excellent San Francisco-based photographer Jim Watkins seems unaware that he captured a candid of ProRun Season 14 finalist Candice Cuoco (and, it seems, her daughter, who also appeared on the show) on what appears to be Stockton Street in Union Square this Saturday.

Cuoco, reportedly an SF resident, came in fourth in this season's competition, the broadcast of which concluded earlier this month. As Beth put it regarding Cuoco's final show, at New York Fashion Week "It was nice to see Candice finally humbled and reduced to acknowledging that she’s just as human as the rest of us, but I loved the boldness of her collection the way it was. When Candice’s dream-come-true finally came down the runway, it didn’t come together at all."

Her look on Saturday, however, came together quite interestingly! Who doesn't love a bare midriff paired with a winter coat?