The unassuming Apple Market on Mission at 16th Street has run into trouble, with multiple complaints of foul odors emanating from the store leading to a visit from the San Francisco Department of Public Health. It seems that the market, which ceased operations as a grocery store earlier this year when it was taken over by Mi Tierra Market, has since been used as a produce storage facility. Last week's visit from the Department of Health found conditions inside the store to be, shall we say, sub par.

The building at 2020 Mission Street has a history of adapting to the times. According to the Planning Department, before Apple Market opened in 2013, the location was home to El Maya Yucatan Cuisine, and before that a spot by the name of Senor Cheap's. For a brief moment, an adult book store and peep show going by the wonderfully suggestive name of "Bus Stop Fun Stop" operated out of the location (before being shut down for zoning violations).

Capp Street Crap reports that the storage facility, which sells produce to restaurants around the Mission, had a bevy of issues noted by a Department of Health inspection.

“Contaminated or adulterated food, food in poor condition, moderate risk vermin infestation and improper food storage," wrote Department of Health spokeswoman Nancy Sarieh in an email to Capp Street Crap. "The issues at this facility have not yet been abated and we won’t know what the plan of action to abate the issues is until the hearing on Tuesday."

The owner of the facility, Amer Alghazali, assured Capp Street Crap that the problem was a temporary one and had already been addressed.

"We took care of the problem. You can come and look."

Depending on the outcome of the Department of Public Health abatement meeting scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m., the latest incarnation of 2020 Mission Street may be short lived.

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