One Florida man put it all on this line Wednesday evening while in search of that elusive perfect pic. The 45- to 50-year-old tourist, in an attempt to photograph the Golden Gate Bridge, decided to climb a chain-link fence located near Battery Spencer in the Marin Headlands and make his way toward the cliff.

Terrifyingly, he slipped.

According to a Marin County Fire Department news release, the tourist fell 75 feet down the side of the cliff before a 20-year-old Russian man/hero managed to scramble to him and grab the Florida man by his the wrist.

"He had no support under his feet," according to a news release.

The report continues that the man dangled there, 300 feet above the ocean, for what must have been a heart-stopping fifteen minutes.

A Marin County firefighter Willie Krakauer rappelled down the side of the cliff and clipped into the man, before pulling him to safety. The fire department notes that paramedics checked out the Florida man and then released him.

“He was extremely lucky,” said Marin County Fire Battalion Chief Jeremey Pierce. “He could have easily fallen all the way to the water.”

No word on whether or not he got that photo.

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