Bay Area elder-statesmen rockers Metallica will play a hometown show on the eve of Super Bowl 50, as we just learned. The concert, to take place in AT&T Park, is part of the third annual "Night Before" Super Bowl celebration, and is the first time the band has performed together in the Bay Area since their 2012 Outside Lands performance.

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich spoke yesterday morning on a local radio show and took a moment to explain the significance of the upcoming performance to him and the band.

“We’re super proud to be play a big hometown gig," said Ulrich. "Metallica, being from San Francisco, flying the flag for all things Bay Area all over the world, to be part of the Super Bowl at home is an awesome thing for us."

Ulrich was not done spreading that Bay Area love.

"We came up here in 1983 and for 32 years, we fly the flag for San Francisco and we’re very proud of that,” Ulrich continued.

Metallica has played AT&T Park once before, as an opening act for the Rolling Stones in 2005.

The band's frontman, James Hetfield, made the announcement yesterday morning on "Kevin Klein Live," a local alt-rock radio show, reports the Chronicle.

"I am super stoked," said Hetfield. "We are a local band... we have to be involved somehow."

The show takes place on Saturday, February 6th, and tickets range from $49.95 to $149.50. Although, if Beyoncé's 2014 performance at AT&T Park is any indication of things to come, you may not need to actually buy tickets in order to hear the concert. If you recall, pretty much the entire city could hear that show, and so you may end up listening to Metallica this February whether you want to or not.

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