Want to taste the talents of chef Christopher Kostow but can't afford the mint that would take for an evening at Meadowood? Well, then you're in luck as the two-person team behind Napa's Michelin three-stared The Restaurant at Meadowood announced today they would be opening a second, more casual spinoff. To be situated in St. Helena, at the site of the soon-to-be-former Tra Vigne, the as-yet-unnamed new restaurant will be run by chef Kostow and manager Nathaniel Dorn once it opens next year.

Not much as been revealed much about the new concept other than that they tell Eater that they want a "celebratory and casual dining experience." And this will of course be the team's first real departure from the $225 per-person tasting menu experience (wine not included) at Meadowood.

(Although, to be fair, the restaurant does offer a "snacks" experience now in their front lounge at $40 per-person if you're on a budget.)

Kostow and Dorn hope the new location will be up and running in 2016, but the exact date is unknown as they must first complete a series of upgrades to the site that for the past 28 years has been the home of Tra Vigne — best known as the restaurant where Napa celebrity Michael Chiarello first made his name, pre-Food Network.

Tra Vigne is set to close on the 20th of December.

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