Mission Dental Health owner Dr. Jerome Weitz made it a point to remind pot smokers to seek his services more often than abstainers, saying that studies show that cannabis users suffer from increased rates of gum disease. And now prosecutors are saying that he was profiting from another aspect of the weed trade, as he was busted Wednesday during a New York City police undercover investigation as part of what they allege was a cross-country marijuana smuggling operation.

The 63-year-old Weitz, who according to its website founded Mission Dental Health in 1982, was arrested in Yonkers Wednesday with 11 vacuum sealed bags of marijuana and $10,000 in his possession as he was headed out to allegedly "receive payment for a large shipment of weed," the Chron reports.

The man from whom Weitz was allegedly seeking payment was Rodolfo Bastardo, an alleged New York drug dealer and target of the undercover investigation, who was arrested earlier that day.

Weitz's son, Joshua, pleaded guilty to a marijuana sales charges this summer, and prosecutors say that they believe that dad "stepped in to take over [his son's] marijuana transportation business between California and New York." Joshua is currently in jail, serving a one-year sentence, KRON4 reports.

In a video posted to Mission Dental Health's YouTube channel (but since removed), Weitz says "“We are encouraging cannabis users and smokers and those who do it together to see the dentist more often."

As of Thursday afternoon, Weitz was being held $75,000 bail in a New York City jail on charges of criminal sale of marijuana and conspiracy.