Award winning actor/San Francisco native Danny Glover has never been one to shy away from public comment on local issues, as you can see from items like his impromptu appearance in a 2011 video in support of the (now defunct) Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council Recycling Center. This week, he's appearing in another locally focused video, this time to support Propositions F and I.

Presumably, you're familiar with both props at this point, but just in case (and grossly simplified) Prop F is the one seeking to more closely regulate short-term-rental companies like Airbnb, and Prop I seeks to suspend development of market-rate housing in the Mission for 18 to 30 months in order to plan for and encourage more affordable housing.

Glover appears to support both, and in a video posted to Facebook Tuesday says that “We’ve always been a welcoming city, and it’s wonderful that people from across the world continue to come here to discover how magical a place it really is."

"Unfortunately, the city government hasn’t done its job creating a housing policy that keeps up with an influx of new people.”

A Message from Danny Glover about Prop I

Actor/Activist Danny Glover tells you why you should vote Yes on Props I and F

Posted by Save the Mission - Yes on Prop "I" Love the Mission on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Chron reports that the two-minute commercial for the props was shot at Beyond Pix Studios on Battery Street, and was paid for by the campaigns for props F and I.

Back in 2007, as some of you older-timers might recall, Glover's name was floated as a mayoral candidate against then-incumbent Gavin Newsom. As we all know, Glover never ran, Gavin remained mayor long enough to appoint Ed Lee, and here we all are today.

(Of course, I'm not saying that a single thing in SF would be different if Glover had indeed ran for and been elected mayor, but speaking as a blogger, the fodder there is mind-blowing.)

According to the Chron, Glover isn't the only local celeb casting their weight behind those measures. Actor and SF native Benjamin Bratt (whom I was once behind at a Bikram class, ama), hosted a fundraiser for Prop I earlier this year, prompting I spokesperson Jim Ross to say that Glover and Bratt "are our two good celebrities."

But will their star power translate into votes for the props? Ross seems to think that their word means more than the imprecations of folks like tech titan Ron Conway, saying that Glover and Bratt are "famous in the real world, not in Silicon Valley."

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