Shoppers at a Marin County supermarket got a disgusting surprise Sunday, when a vandal threw an exploding bag of human waste at the store's meat counter.

The Marin County Hazardous Materials Response team and the Novato Fire Department were called to the Harvest Market in the San Marin neighborhood of Novato at 5 p.m. Sunday, after "a man threw a plastic bag at the meat counter which then fell to the floor and exploded," KRON4 reports.

Filled with "reddish" liquid that "smelled awful," the blown-up bag was troubling enough that the store was closed and evacuated as officials investigated the incident. (Thankfully, no injuries were reported.)

According to the Marin Independent Journal, they determined that the bag had been filled with urine, feces, paint and rubbing alcohol.

The store reopened this morning, but the bag-tosser has fled from the scene and remains at large. According to NBC Bay Area, "a person [who] was kicked out of the shop Saturday after he was accused of shoplifting" might be a suspect in the crime, but that was unconfirmed at publication time.

The Novato Police Department asks that anyone who saw the incident or has any information in the case give them a call at 415-897-4361.