The colorful saga of the so-called Serial Zipcar Thief has come to an end — and not with a bang, but with a whimper (and a plea bargain).

It was just this April that Nicole Dipo, aka Ray Charles Dipo, aka Regina Dipo was arrested in San Francisco after stealing as many as 82 Zipcars.

According to prosecutors, local Zipcar thefts dropped sharply after Dipo was taken into custody. In a jailhouse interview, she said the thefts provided a kind of high, but that this last, latest arrest was it: She's "really done" with her life of crime.

Since then, the Bay Area Reporter reports that Dipo reached a deal with prosecutors in which she'd plead guilty to counts of receiving or buying stolen property and unlawfully driving or taking a vehicle. This week she was sentenced to five years in state prison, "but with credit for time served and other factors, she’s expected to do two years in jail."

According to the BAR, she also agreed that upon her release she will to stay away from Zipcars, nor will she "possess any access cards to the cars."

This won't be Dipo's first time upriver, as she was convicted of vehicle theft in San Francisco in 2010, and of attempted auto theft in 2009. But this time around, she says, "I've been able to rethink about what I wanted to do" (and that apparently isn't car theft). Will this stint in jail provide Dipo with the fresh start she hopes for? Guess we'll know in two years.

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