It reads like the setup to a bad joke: When is a Menlo Park house so expensive that even Facebook employees can't afford it? Well, one would-be landlord found out the answer a few weeks ago after he asked a friend employed at the company to post the $8,400 per-month listing to an internal Facebook group. And yes, it turned out the joke was on him.

The listing, now on Craigslist, boasts the four-bedroom is "centrally located near Hamilton Park and the Facebook headquarters." It continues on in an attempt to assure any potential future renters that the home is situated in the "perfect area for the modern Californian."

"Check out the roomy floor plan, the natural light and modern touches and envision yourself in a whole new world."

The discerning employees of the Menlo Park-based Facebook were not buying it, however, as the following tipster-submitted screenshot clearly shows (it's long, but worth the read).


As some of the commenters clearly recognize, the landlord's delusion doesn't end with the price. A quick glance at the terms of the lease provide a small insight into the mind of the crazed home-owner.

"We require all tenants to purchase renters insurance, through our preferred insurance provider."

Yeah, sure, that sounds legit.

"Overnight street parking from 1-5am is not allowed in the City of Menlo Park. Additional parking offered by church down the street, for fee collected by us."

Hm. OK...

And our personal favorite:

"Gardening is required by the tenants."

At least a few of the Facebook employees found humor in the situation, with one observing that "there is a pretty hydrangea in the backyard. That's worth at least $2k."

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Image via Tipster