Fans and hate-watchers of local politics have been following the race for District 3 supervisor since March, when former D3 Supe Aaron Peskin announced that he wanted to re-occupy the seat currently held by mayorally-appointed Julie Christensen. Since then, many of the city's most significant power players have thrown their weight behind Christensen, indicating that this race is about more than D3, as a Peskin triumph "could upset the business-friendly applecart at City Hall" (quoth the Chron). Though early voting began on October 5, unless something crazy goes down between now and Election Day (November 3), pundits say that the outcome is impossible to predict. What we do know is that a lot of time and effort has gone into this race! Let's quantify that with some numbers.

All facts and figures: Legalizing pot on back burner as Newsom focuses on gun control, SF Chronicle, October 18 2015

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