Usually described as "lone" or "solitary," the coyote believed to be the sole representative of its species to live atop Telegraph Hill may have been feeling, well, a bit lonely this morning.

Fortunately situated close to the popular tourist destination of Coit Tower, it quickly found company, CBS SF reports, linking to the video below.

Hoodline has highlighted the coyote in the past, writing that it appears habituated to contact with humans, although some might naturally be concerned by an encounter with the animal.

The coyote has been spotted and photographed a lot recently, but may have been at its post for as long as a decade. Here's the little guy in September:

And here's August:

Last up, December 2014.

Coyotes have thriven in the Presidio, perhaps crossing over from Marin via the Golden Gate Bridge. In fact, the species has been so successful there as to push out gray foxes, formerly ubiquitous, though those might be making a comeback.

Charming as the somewhat domesticated coyote of Coit Tower may be, it is cause for alarm among dog owners, who may remember that a coyote killed a small dog just last month in Stern Grove.

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