Scoot Networks, the company that rents those little red electric scooters by the hour, have just launched a fleet of ten four-wheel, two-seater vehicles that you will be seeing a lot of in the streets of SF in weeks to come. They're branded as Nissans, but as Wired explains these are actually Renault Twizys, and a product of the electric-car partnership between the two car companies.

The Scoot Quad, meanwhile, is a partnership between Scoot and Nissan, as the Chron reports, and those two companies held a launch event for this first rentable fleet of them on Saturday.

The backseat seems pretty tiny — the Chronicle reporter, who says she 5'3", said she felt pretty snug back there, but in the TechCrunch video below you can see that it can accommodate a full-grown man without too much groaning. Also, there's a cell phone mount, and built-in speakers for "your theme song."

And it should be noted that these things will become less popular during an El Nino winter — there are no side windows you can roll up.

Also, they can kind of make it up hills, just "a bit slower" than other cars.

Like with the scooters, the Quads are turned on and off via Scoot's app, which also serves as a gauge for the vehicles' batteries.

According to Scoot's FAQs, the Quads are only available to members, and are only being made available to them "gradually."

Below, a video of a test drive from TechCrunch — and I personally saw a parade of three of these things tootling up Steiner Street last week, and more such test drives are likely to be happening as the techie media catches on and seeks out photo ops.

This post has been corrected to show that Scoot vehicles are only available to local resident members, not tourists.