Popular burger pop-up WesBurger, from chef Wes Rowe, will now be getting its very own brick-and-mortar location at 2240 Mission Street (at 18th), in the former Palacio Latino space, to be called WesBurger 'n' More.

Chef Wes Rowe's WesBurger was featured on SFist's recent roundup of the 25 Best Burgers in town (and Oakland), and is made with an all-brisket patty cooked in cast iron, and he likes to play around with a range of toppings — a recent example, at his weekly Mojo Bicycle Cafe pop-up, the Oktoberfest Burger: pretzel bun, Obatzda cheese, spicy German mustard, thinly sliced red onion, and sauerkraut, with a side of tater tots and beer cheese.

He also does a jalapeno popper burger, with fried jalapenos, cream cheese, thin sliced onion, and ranch.

Talking to Eater in 2013 in his roll as the blogger for Serious Eats' A Hamburger Today, Rowe talked about his love of burgers, and what makes the best ones (besides ample fat):

Because they're good, for one! They're usually really good. It's hard to do a horrible burger. It's just that when you eat as many burgers as I do, and you think critically about all of them, it kind of ruins a lot of burger experiences that could have been just fine...

I guess the one thing I've found is that the more personally invested a person is in the food that they're cooking, the better it turns out to be. When it's one person doing a pop-up and they're making every burger and it's their creation, there's a lot more soul to that burger... The fewer hands that have touched it in between the brain that created it, the better it usually is.

Rowe is a self-taught chef who hails from Austin with 14 years in the Bay Area under his belt — and a win at the SF Burger Brawl in 2013.

At WesBurger 'n' More, which is expected to open early next year, we'll probably find things like fried chicken, too (Rowe has also done a fried chicken pop-up at Duboce Park Cafe), and maybe barbecue too. Stay tuned.

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