If you think all the Republicans have been run out of San Francisco, you're wrong. And though he may have been an Obama supporter in '08, Trevor Traina is apparently leaning more to the right these days, according to SFGate's Politics Blog. He and wife Alexis may end up kowtowing to Hillary in the end, but the rich need to protect their interests in case of all contingencies, and thus they're throwing a few bucks in the direction of Jeb Bush this season, and hosting a lunch fundraiser for him at their home next Tuesday.

We haven't seen much of socialites Trevor and Alexis on the pages of SFist since 2014 when they were sued by a maid, and since their posh, velvety Pacific Heights home was photographed for Forbes earlier last year. (Some may only know Trevor as the disaffected, privileged stepbrother character from Sean Wilsey's bestselling memoir, Oh the Glory Of It All, or as son of deYoung Museum chair Dede Wilsey.)

But now the Trainas are "co-chairmen" of Jeb's local campaign alongside some other wealthy people, like Charles and Helen Schwab, and money manager Paul Edwards and his wife Silvia, who will be hosting a fundraising dinner for Jeb later that night, October 20, ad their estate in Woodside.

The minimum price for entry at either event is $2,700, with $10K making you a "co-host."

We'll see if, in six months or so, any of these folks turn tail and decide the Republicans are toast, and start throwing money the other direction.