The above photo is pretty weird, right? This scene was snapped at Market and Second Streets at 8:36 yesterday morning, when, photographer Yvonne Pham tells NBC Bay Area, this guy hopped on the bike rack of a 7R-Haight/Noriega Muni bus and refused to let go.

Pham "saw the driver knocking on the window, as if to get the man off, and an oncoming Muni driver, also trying to help. She said the man was just staring blankly into the air," NBC reports.

Hoodline points us to two more accounts, another from outside the vehicle:

And a third from inside:

But we haven't even gotten to the weirdest part yet! SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose tells NBC that "the man is a semi-regular at this behavior, and the operator recognized him." Oh, OK! So this is no big deal, then. Nevermind!