In addition to discussing her sexuality, sex toys, and how Patti LaBelle is scared of her, native San Franciscan Margaret Cho may be touching on some more serious issues during two sets at the Castro Theater Thursday night.

As she tells The Examiner, like many people, she's upset by the displacement of all "the freaks, weirdos and artists" who have been priced out of SF in recent years, saying "the people who made it what it was can’t be there anymore."

She's also, as we saw from a busking tour she did in town last fall, that she's passionate about the homeless cause, and wanted both to bring them some economic relief (at several events she collected clothes and socks to give away), and just to entertain people for free. "Homeless people have such a hard time in San Francisco, because everything’s so expensive," she says. "So entertaining these people, who never get to see shows, was the best."

Above you can see a few jokes from her current tour, titled "Margeret Cho: The psyCHO Tour," including a funny story about seeing Patti LaBelle on a plane. Some of the material you'll likely hear on Thursday appeared in the Showtime comedy special above, which aired on September 25.

Margeret Cho: The psyCHO Tour - The Castro Theater, Thursday, October 15, 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., $35 to $55 - Tickets here