Following on 2015 Health Department closings/cleanups at Sliderbar (now rebranded as Ovok) and Barracuda (which rebranded as Mandu and then Janchi before closing for good last month), another restaurant that shares that same Market Street block in the Castro, Bombay Indian, has been shut down for similar seeming reasons. Those reasons? Rodents, as Hoodline reports. It seems to suggest that the block may have kind of an ongoing infestation that extends beyond just one kitchen.

Bombay is at 2217 Market, and the notice of closure was on September 28. It's unclear when they may reopen, which usually requires a thorough cleaning and a re-inspection. "Vermin infestation" is underlined on the notice, which indicates "serious or repeated violations."

Hoodline reached the Health Department inspector who confirmed that a "routine inspection found a severe rodent infestation" and the report indicated the "presence of living and dead rodents in the restaurant, as well as rodent droppings in the kitchen and basement dry storage areas."

This follows on two closings at Sliderbar, two or three shutdowns at Barracuda/Mandu, and the July shutter of Sliders on Castro Street about two blocks away, and the May shutter of Posh Bagel a few doors down. In those cases, the issue seemed to be cockroaches, though the details have not always been clear.

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