When real estate industry website Trulia set out to map the noisiest neighborhoods in San Francisco, they did so by pulling "about five years" of "police data on noise complaints," they say. But do calls to the San Francisco Police Department paint the full picture?

According to the site, SF's loudest/most apt to call the cops neighborhoods are the Tenderloin, the Upper Haight, the Mission, and North Beach. Here's their map that visualizes the data:

I'm not saying that their conclusions are incorrect! But calls to the cops presumably fail to account for persistent noise of things like traffic and construction, both things that can make an area unendurably loud (looking at you, some parts of SoMa). However, I've lived in the only-noisy-during-Outside-Lands-and-Bay-to Breakers Outer Sunset since 2004, so I'm a little out of the loudness loop. What do you think: Are Trulia's findings accurate, or did they miss a noisy nabe?

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