Huge swaths of San Francisco found themselves without power Saturday, after two separate incidents — one caused by a transformer that exploded, the other caused by a raccoon — took out lines across the city.

At 7:45 a.m. Saturday, a PG&E transformer (the power-distribution variety, not a Robot in Disguise) exploded in Bernal Heights. Two men were injured in the blast, reports the SF Chronicle:

Robert Antonelli, 55, was at the window of his Heyman Avenue home about 7:45 a.m. talking to a friend, Manuel Cruz, 34, of Daly City, who was standing outside, when he heard what sounded like a firecracker’s wick sizzling.

“And the next thing, ka-boom,” Antonelli said. “It exploded like a bomb. It blew things off my shelf. I flew back into my bed. Debris flew back into my room.”

Antonelli said Cruz, who was standing next to the transformer, was knocked out, and both men were taken to San Francisco General Hospital. Antonelli said he was treated for light burns on his face and released, but Cruz was more seriously burned and remained hospitalized.

According to PG&E spokesman Matt Nauman, the blast was caused by "an equipment failure that occurred while a utility crew was at Wool Street and Eugenia Avenue, working to fix a power failure that began about 7:30 a.m."

“We will be conducting a full review into this incident to determine what caused the outtage and what caused the injuries," Nauman says.

About 4,000 lost power due to the explosion, and it took PG&E all day to get them back online, with 60 still without power as of 9 p.m., CBS5 reports.

Then, at 7:59 p.m. Saturday, 3,360 more households in the Inner Sunset and near Golden Gate Park lost power when, according to PG&E spokesperson J.D. Guidi, "a raccoon came in contact with power lines at 17th Avenue and Lawton Street."

Guidi told KRON4 that the raccoon "was found on top of a power line causing the outage." He didn't offer an update on the beast's condition, but we're all educated people and can probably hazard a pretty solid guess.

By 9:26, all customers who'd been left in the dark by the raccoon incident had their power restored, and all raccoons who'd been hoping to keep us in the dark so they could continue to attack us and our pets retreated to their lairs, intent on finding a new, better way to cause our demise.

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