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Though yesterday's brief rain shower was met with a thrill of excitement from parched San Franciscans, don't get too excited: according to the National Weather Service, those droplets didn't mean shit.

Speaking with the Chron, National Weather Service hydrologist Mark Strudley said that “I’m looking at a lot of zeros here in the Bay Area, so whatever fell is below measurement."

Those raindrops you saw yesterday afternoon were the final vestiges of Hurricane Linda, which got started on September 6 southwest of Mexico and had crapped out by September10.

But all is not lost for rain celebrants like Carlee Busby (quoted above): though there's no chance of rain today, Strudley says that there's a 30% chance of rain in SF on Wednesday, perhaps as much as a “couple hundreds of an inch.”

Wait, a couple hundreds of an inch? That's it? Perhaps Carlee would be better served to ponder the words of Mad Max's Immortan Joe: "Do not become addicted to water, my friends...it will take hold of you and you will resent its absence."

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