The San Francisco 49ers kick off their regular season this weekend (Monday Night Football at 7:20 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 14, ESPN) but the NFL season begins Thursday night (Patriots-Steelers, 5:30 p.m. on NBC). It’s officially NFL kickoff weekend, so the bloom is temporarily back on the 49ers’ rose after an offseason of discontent, departure, unexpected retirements and off-field unpleasantness.

The focus is back on football, so we’ve focused our attention on the sweetest custom 49ers cars, vans, trucks and sundry vehicle accessories in the Bay and beyond. These are real street vehicles, so we’ve taken out the license plate information. Except in the cases of vanity plates, for which we do draw attention to the license plate information. After all, they’re called vanity plates for a reason.

‘Five Super Bowl Championships’ Van


This five Super Bowl championship commemorating van can be found parked outside Orient Auto Repair & Detailing at Mission & Ottawa St., the home of the $19.95 oil change. The 49ers last won the Super Bowl in 1995! Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

49ers Custom Motorcycle

Image: @hillbrouss via Twitter

Perhaps our friend Hillory Broussard of Texas takes a lot of shit in Houston for his 49ers custom motorcycle airbrushed with the phrase “Nothing finer than a Forty-Niner”, complete with matching 49ers motorcycle helmet. But surely there is a limit to how much shit fans of the unaccomplished Houston Texans franchise are allowed to talk?

The ‘Super Bowl Champs 2007’ Van

Image: Brett L. via Flickr

Things did not work out as planned for the owner of the ‘Super Bowl Champs 2007’ van, who lovingly hand-painted this vessel (and its tires) with the 49ers' full 2006 regular season schedule. That was a Mike Nolan year, you guys. We went 7-9 and did not win the Super Bowl.

The Modern-Day 49ers Bus

Image: @MrDesignJunkie via Twitter

Rather than noting the 49ers’ past, this bus from Atlanta-based Mr Design Junkie honors current 49ers. That is, if you count Michael Crabtree, Frank Gore and Patrick Willis as “current 49ers”...

49ers ‘56 Chevy Truck

Image: @vinnymc819 via Twitter

Here we see a 1956 Chevy truck from southern California’s Imperial Valley, customized complete with golf bags, a jumbo bobblehead, and the ‘five Lombardi trophies’ rear window decal that prevents the driver from seeing behind him or her properly. FAITHFUL.

‘Who’s Got it Better Than Us’ Truck

Image: gclem4sf via Twitter

Do you still say “Who’s got it better than us?” in the post-Harbaugh era? If you’re this truck’s owner, you sure as hell still do.

49ers Hood/Trunk Slip Cover

Image: Joe Kukura

The hood/trunk door slip cover is a mass-produced accessory available for all NFL teams, and it’s not even a permanent vehicle fixture. But it works so well alongside this series of NorCal decals curated by “9YRMMPR”. (Don’t worry, it took me a minute too.)

Bedazzled SF Car Decal

Image: Joe Kukura

How cute is this bedazzled SF automobile decal? It is indeed a permanent exterior car fixture and shows heart like it was named Tomsula on several differently colored and shaped auto models.

The Bicep Driver’s-Side-Door Team Decal

Image: Joe Kukura

Several NFL teams offer the team-branded bicep door decal, but this decal takes on a special significance in the NFL market of notorious bicep-kisser Colin Kaepernick.

The Jack in the Box 49ers Antenna Ball Topper

Image: Joe Kukura

The Jack in the Box 49ers antenna ball topper was a 2003-era promotion that long ago ran its course. But a few collectors have kept their 49ers antenna toppers in mint condition, much like this 49ers fan who has also kept their convertible roadster in mint condition.

49ers Bicycle

Image: @noble52 via Twitter

Look at this fucking hipster. And look at his delightfully engaging 49ers bicycle, especially ‘engaging’ considering that his fiance bought if for him.

GO NINERS! SAN FRANCISCOOOO! Did we miss any great custom vehicles? Post any other photos or stories in the Comments below, and good luck to the 49ers Monday night against the Vikings!

Image: Joe Kukura