You think Oaklanders are pissed about San Franciscans moving there and driving up housing costs? Observe Portland, where a certain symbol sticker, showing the state of California with a line through it, has become a popular addition to For Sale signs on houses. As The Oregonian reports, realtors are perturbed by the stickers, which have started proliferating in various neighborhoods in Portland as some Portlanders have become frustrated with rising home prices in the city. Because, of course, realtors would like to sell to whoever they can, and are perfectly happy with the direction of the market.

Also, realtors like Lori Fenwick say that people are arriving from all over the place to live in Portland, not just California. And, she says, that everyone who hates newcomers and rising house prices "can just go ahead and voice their opinions wherever they want, but it sucks that they're [putting stickers all over the place.]"

She's also just annoyed at the defacement of her For Sale signs. "We pay money for them, and it's none of their business to be putting stickers on them."

SFist's own Eve Batey says she encountered a Portland woman at a recent craft fair in SF who, when asked about the influx of Bay Area people, went off an a crazy angry rant screaming, "People used to get houses for $300,000 [here] and you people are overbidding and driving them up to $500K!"

Also, Vice asked a random Portlander if Portlanders hate Californians, and she said, "In general yeah," and she added that we're all being blamed for "gentrification and other community problems," including "the increasing difficulty of finding work and housing in the city."

So, yes, the anger is real.