At SoMa's Local Brewing Co., co-founder and brewmaster Regan Long wanted to share a lesson on N2 versus CO2 in beer. And she wanted to do it in a way you could taste. But this video might say it all.

That's the "Nitro" — the beer is pushed by N02 from the keg, not C02 as usual. That way it comes out smooth, like, say, a Guinness. Or, for the initiated, like your cool-kid cold brew coffee on nitro.

But that's just half the trick of this beer. With a different mouthfeel and smaller bubbles on nitro, you can taste the hops — really the whole beer — differently. So, to add another layer of complexity, Long employed wet hops — fresh picked, not dried and made into pellets — which give off funkier, often unpredictable flavors. She scored these centennials hops from the Clear Lake region, just a couple hours north.


On the CO2 version, with those bigger bubbles the hops burst out. But now you can try each version side by side. Yep, it's a twofer. Starting today, Local Brewing Co. is pouring both.

Local Brewing Co. via Facebook