Everybody's favorite place to stand in line for hours to get brunch might soon be going out of business.

Boogaloo's, known not just for the lines but also their famous vegetarian herb cream gravy, will probably be vacating their primo spot at the corner of 22nd and Valencia Streets quite soon. As Eater pointed out, their space is now available for rent in September—that's three days away!

Longtime general manager, as well as part-owner, Peter Hood confirmed to Eater than it was the "whacked out Valencia Street rent" that drove them away. According to the listing, it'll come at a hefty $17,500 per month.

Hood said in an interview last fall that the gentrifying Mission just made business difficult. "It's just not very friendly to small businesses," he said about the closure of Weird Fish (a previous venture of his). Quite tellingly, the rental listing on LoopNet tells prospective tenants that the spot is "where San Francisco's elite will come to experience your next grand restaurant."

"We want to stay as long as we can for our employees," Hood added. "Our main concern is keeping our current staff employed and helping them find new jobs." He also says they're willing to relocate if they can find somewhere affordable.