It's still not exactly confirmed or elevated beyond well substantiated rumor, but Hoodline claims to have a 'trusted source" who says that the big-deal event taking shape at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium the week after Labor Day is, indeed, an Apple event. Sorry to get you all excited that it might actually be something important.

Update: It's rumor no more. Apple just sent out the invites, as Ars Technica reports.

It of course would make little sense for Joe Biden to come to SF to announce his candidacy for president, but maybe that was just wishful thinking on our part since Apple events are a dime a dozen in this town — and actually happen about twice a year.

But the last time Apple did a BIG event was right after Labor Day last year, when they first unveiled the Apple Watch that wouldn't even be shipping for another eight months after that. And that event was held near Apple HQ in Cupertino. This time, as Apple Insider points out, they're doing this in a venue with a 7,000-person capacity (versus 1,470 at their usual venue at Yerba Buena) and clearly want to make a big show of it.

Sidebar: The Chronicle reports that Project Homeless Connect, which is part of the city's Department of Public Health, is feeling miffed that they've been squeezed out of using Bill Graham this season, perhaps because of this big block of time Apple reserved from September 4 to 13. And they're miffed that they have to pay so much to throw their annual events there, despite the building being city-owned.

So what will Apple be unveiling? It could be that the long-awaited, game-changing new version of Apple TV is the occasion for the big spending, street closures, a hush-hush secrecy around the whole thing. But Apple Insider seems to put the focus on the next-generation iPhones, which will likely be the iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6S Plus, which are rumored to have front-facing flashes to improve selfie-taking, 4K video capability, and a "12-megapixel image sensor, improving on the 8-megapixel shooter in the current iPhone 6 series."

Also, the Apple TV revamp is expected to include "voice input, a new touchpad controller, and a dedicated App Store."

This BIG EVENT will be happening at 10 a.m. on September 9. Tell your Apple-obsessed friends to brace themselves.

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