Can you escape on a gun? Nope. A knife? Nah. But a multitasking San Francisco criminal appeared to realize that one could use a Razor scooter not only to get to and from the crime scene, but as a blunt and brutal weapon during the commission of the crime, itself.

Bay City News reports that a man and woman approached two 30something males at 1 a.m. Thursday as they waited at the corner of 15th and Natoma Streets, which is between Van Ness and Mission.

The male member of the approaching couple, described by SFPD only as "a man in his 20s," slammed a Razor scooter into the head of one of the waiting men. The victim of the attack fell to the ground, knocked out cold.

Mission Local reports that "the victim’s companion tried to stop the attack, but as he did, the suspects kicked him in the back." Together, the scooter wielding man and his female companion, described only as "in her 30s," stole property from the men including a cell phone and cash.

The suspects then took off, one on a bike, the other on the Razor scooter/bludgeoning tool.

The beating victim was transported to San Francisco General Hospital with "cuts to his mouth and temple," Bay City News reports. His injuries are not considered life-threatening.

According to Mission Local, the male half of the crime team "dropped his backpack in the scuffle, and it was retrieved by the man they had kicked in the back," enabling the San Francisco Police Department to identify the suspect. The female half of the duo remains unidentified.

Neither have been arrested at publication time, according to an SFPD spokesperson.