Folsom Street Events enlisted the talents of Aron Kantor — the same filmmaker who made this awesome, Almodovar-inspired promo film for the Hard French Winter Ball a couple years back — to make a new video promoting this year's Folsom Street Fair, and it's pretty fantastic. The short film, which is a fetish-themed extended dance number set in the dark rooms of SoMa bars, features Broadway performer Colin Cunliffe and a whole of of Bob Fosse-inspired snaps. You also may recognize one-time Miss Trannyshack winner (and the only cis female ever to win that title) Fauxnique, infamous L.A.-based party promoter and DJ Mario Diaz, drag queens Miss Rahni NothingMore, Peggy L'Eggs, and Grace Towers, and a bunch of other local performers.

The video is SEMI-NSFW, so be warned.

Kantor spoke to OUT magazine saying of the film, "[It's] a celebration of this community and the positive impact the kink and leather subcultures can have [on a city]." And he adds, "In the face of cultural-whitewashing and rampant gentrification, celebrating the seedier side of San Francisco and the impact leather and kink communities have is of the upmost importance to maintaining a balance in the face of the complete and total gentrification of San Francisco."

Folsom Street Fair is on September 27 this year, and will be from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. See more details here.

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