"We've seen an absolute explosion of auto break-ins," said San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, adding that "[t]here are areas in my district where you'll have 10 cars on a single block that have been broken into."

That anecdotal tally sounds totally plausible according to stats from the SFPD obtained by the Examiner showing year-over-year crime. From January to June of this year as compared to the same period last year property crime was up 22% and violent crime increased by 13%.

Here are those numbers:

Property Crimes:

Car break-ins: 47 percent increase with 11,917 up from 8,101

Burglary: 5 percent decrease with 2,639 down from 2,775

Property Crime Arrests:

Burglary arrests: 56 percent decrease

Larceny arrests: 19 percent decrease

Car break-in arrests: 19 percent decrease

Car Break-Ins By Station:

Northern Station (Marina to Hayes Valley): 79 percent increase in car break-ins

Southern Station (South of Market): 51 percent increase in car break-ins

Mission Station: 49 percent decrease

Violent Crimes:

Homicide: 17 percent increase with 24 up from 14

Robbery: 23 percent increase with 1,877 up from 1,529

Rape: 7 percent increase with 145 up from 135

Violent Crime Arrests:

Robbery arrests: 30 percent decrease

Aggravated assault arrests: 30 percent increase

Violent Crimes By Station:

Park Station (Haight-Ashbury to Duboce Triangle): 29 percent increase

Ingleside Station (Excelsior and Outer Mission): 21 percent increase

Southern Station: 11 percent increase and the highest overall number

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