Sea creatures have been abundant — and their behavior strange — along the shores of Northern California, leading some experts to speculate that a particularly strong El Niño could be the impetus. KRON4 reports in speaking to a San Francisco Marine Biologist that whales, birds, and sharks have likely been summoned farther north in search of cooler waters away from the mass of equatorial warmth.

Some theorized this as early as June when a rookery of juvenile great white sharks appeared near Monterey. “It’s been really fascinating,” said marine biologist Melissa Schouest. “We’ve seen the whole food web pushed up on shore for us to take a peek at.”

Schouest, who works with the Aquarium of the Bay, intimated that changes in food supply of whales and sharks, specifically krill and mackerel, has also brought these animals closer to shore in a pattern that could continue. The odd behavior of these animals presents a frightening thought for beachgoers, some of whom have probably seen Sharknado and Jaws.

"A lot of these same currents have been pushing exotic bait fish further north,” Marine biologist Giancarlo Thoma told CBS SF of some of the sharks food supply. “These fish are usually seen more so in southern California and Mexico.”

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