At around 12:45 p.m. on a hazy Saturday in Dolores Park, a man (loudly selling psychedelics and in all likelihood ingesting them himself) began riding his longboard down the grass hill. Yep, you can do that apparently, though it does look like he's on a hoverboard or something. Swerving to avoid lounging park goers on that wet grass, he fell — really hard — in his first couple attempts.

The peanut gallery chimed in with laughter and concern, but this psychadelic longboarder was determined to surf the grass wave! On what SFist counted as his third try, he succeeded (and the crowd went wild).

The daredevil in question, who did not share his name with SFist, confides that he frequently rides down the hill, often late in the evening or early in the morning when the park is sparsely populated. The most difficult section, he says, is the part where the grass meets the path. "You can go down hard there if you're still skidding," he says.

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