Thank god for conservative commentator Glenn Beck! He might have just solved San Francisco's housing shortage, by stopping those who would move here in their tracks.

Beck, who left Fox News in 2011 to forge his own path in the world, apparently has "the third highest-rated national radio talk show among adults ages 25 to 54." It was on this show, creatively titled "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," that Beck announced to his following that San Francisco is the second-to-last place they want to live. Awesome news for anyone who believes that the flood of newcomers to San Francisco is part of the city's current woes!

According to the Bay Area News Group, Beck said that San Francisco is #2 on his list of US metros "to avoid like the plague." Portland is #1, likely because so many San Franciscans have decamped there. (Just kidding, Portland, I'm sure you got the #1 slot on your own merits.)

Beck's list, based on a Public Religion Research Institute report on the "Least Religious Cities In The United States", is of "cities that are already having trouble and we haven't even hit the road bump," Beck said. Whatever that means.

Seattle is ranked third, Denver fourth, and Phoenix rounds out the top five. LA haters will be happy to know that we beat them by a long shot, as they're way down at number ten on Beck's list.

"I want to give you the top 10 or 15 cities that I think are going to melt down," Beck said before barfing out his complete list (pasted below).

"These are the cities that you do not want to live anywhere around as things get worse and worse."

Will his followers take note, and leave the area/change their plans to move here? One can only hope.

Now, here's Beck's full meltdown list, aka where to live to avoid Beck and his minions:

  • 1. Portland
  • 2. San Francisco
  • 3. Seattle
  • 4. Denver
  • 5. Phoenix
  • 6. St. Petersburg, Florida
  • 7. Columbus, Ohio
  • 8. Detroit
  • 9. Boston
  • 10. Los Angeles
  • 11. Milwaukee
  • 12. Las Vegas
  • 13. Minneapolis- St. Paul
  • 14. Washington D.C.
  • 15. St. Louis