Yay! It wouldn't be a big festival/event day in San Francisco without KRON 4's Stanley Roberts finding some attendees "behaving badly." But rather than go after wristband scalpers or drug dealers this year, Stanley singled out drivers, especially Lyft and Uber drivers, who pulled over into bus zones at 30th and Fulton to drop off passengers, some of whom got slapped with $280 tickets.

Yes, it seems a number of drivers did not happen to notice all the SFMTA and police officers in special day-glo vests manning the scene at both the 25th Ave. and 30th Ave. entrances to the park, and heavily policing the bus stops there because of the high volume of passengers needing to come through those stops.

Drivers also got cited for pulling over in crosswalks.

Stanley takes extra pleasure in this one asking the Uber/Lyft drivers how much their most recent fare was before telling them about the $280 ticket they're getting.

Good times.