Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi has apparently been driving on a suspended license since February, as the Chronicle is reporting, all because he failed to submit an accident report to the DMV relating to an October collision. Under state law, Mirkarimi and the other driver involved in the crash were required to submit accident reports if the damages exceed $750, which in this case they apparently did.

The other driver reportedly submitted his or her report, but Mirkarimi did not, and in January the DMV caught up with him and slapped him on the wrist, suspending his license as of February 11. Technically he's only been permitted to drive to and from work since that time.

This is all a little weird, you know, given the fact that he's the sheriff, and that he's up for reelection this year. And is there something to hide here? A spokeswoman for Mirkarimi "asked that questions about the crash and the driver’s license suspension be submitted in writing." And though the Chronicle tried to do this, "Neither Mirkarimi nor his spokeswoman responded to the questions."

More on this as it unfolds...

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