All set for Outside Lands? You've got your picks made from the lineup, you know what you're going to eat, you're even prepared for inclement weather. And, of course, remembering the remarkably high fares Uber charged last year to get home from the fest, you've girded your loins and are prepared to take Muni when the music stops. Good for you, but don't forget: Muni's underground service cuts out at 10 p.m., so if you're expecting to go underground, don't.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency says they're doing everything they can to make sure the 60,000 folks estimated to need to get to and from the festival can do just that, but warns that "concert patrons should allow extra travel time on the N Judah line and all bus routes serving Golden Gate Park. Traffic in the area will also be heavy." (As a longtime Outer Sunset resident, I can confirm this first-hand.) But since people usually stagger out to the festival throughout the day, the issue isn't getting there, it's getting home.

So, to that end, here's how to get home, per the SFMTA:

The NX Judah Express will provide service from 8:00 pm to 11:30 pm along Judah from La Playa to 19th Avenue, running express to Sansome & Sutter near Montgomery BART Station.

After the final concert, the 5R Fulton Rapid special bus service will operate one-way eastbound departing from 30th and 25th avenues and making regular 5R Rapid stops, ending at Hyde & Grove near Civic Center BART Station.

Now here's where it gets tricky, if you were expecting to take the N Judah downtown. Here's what happens on Friday:

After 9:20 pm, N Line rail service only goes as far as Church & Duboce because of Muni Subway System Upgrades. Before 9:20 pm, the N will provide scheduled service to Caltrain/King & 4th. Customers are encouraged to take the 5R or NX to avoid having to transfer to a shuttle bus at Market & Church.

The N's underground hours get shorter on Saturday and Sunday:

Additional light rail service will operate on the N Line until about 8:40 pm Saturday and 8:20 pm Sunday. After that, the N Line will only run inbound as far as Church & Duboce. Customers are encouraged to take the 5R or NX to avoid having to transfer to a shuttle bus at Market & Church.

So, if you get on the N expecting to take it downtown or to BART, you'll have an extra step: riders will have to get off at the Church/Duboce stop then walk up to Market Street to board a shuttle bus that will take you downtown.

So, yeah, the NX and 5R might be the way to go. You can catch the 5R on Fulton Street at 30th Avenue and Fulton Street at 25th Avenue. The last bus will depart from these locations at 11:30 p.m. every night of the festival. You can nab the NX Judah Express at any NX Judah stop on Judah between La Playa and 19th Avenue.

And if you stay out extra late, the N Owl bus service will be available all night after N Judah's streetcar service ends.

For every day of the festival, the MTA reminds you that:

Muni Metro stations will be closed by 10:00 pm. If you need to travel to other parts of the city, please consider crosstown routes. You can transfer at 19th Avenue to the 28 to Daly City BART, 9th Avenue to the 44 O'Shaughnessy to Glen Park BART or at Church & Duboce to the 22 Fillmore to 16th/Mission BART.

Got that? Good luck!

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