In a sad case of what appears to have been a botched murder-suicide, a 93-year-old man has been charged with the murder of his 90-year-old wife after he failed to adequately inflict a fatal wound upon himself. The man, Wayne Bair of Foster City, was found lying beside his wife on the night of June 13 at their home on the 200 block of Spinnaker Street, both of them with knife wounds to their neck. Bair's wife, Marie Bair, was pronounced dead at the scene, as Bay City News reports.

Apparently police responded to a call of a medical emergency around 8 p.m. that night, but it's unclear who made the call, if not Bair himself.

As the Chron reports, Karen Guidotti, the chief deputy district attorney of San Mateo County, still doesn't know the motive for the crime, and says there was no mental illness or "medical issues" at play.

Bair is being held in jail after being treated for his wounds at Stanford Medical Center. He'll be back in court to enter a plea on August 31.

He is the "oldest person to face murder charges in the county in at least the past three decades," according to Guidotti.