When certain doom hurtled toward his dad, young San Francisco Giants fan John Pizzi knew what to do: catch it.

It all went down at game three of the Giants/Philadelphia Phillies three-game series at AT&T Park. Pizzi and his pop were just behind home plate when Brandon Crawford hit a foul ball that looped back into the crowd — and straight toward Pizzi's father's head.

Dad was looking elsewhere (the commentators in the below video say, slightly creepily, that he was "looking at a pretty girl" but evidence of that was not readily apparent) as the ball sped toward his skull. That's when young Pizzi's paternal protective instincts went into gear, as he reached out and grabbed the ball just inches from his father's skull.

"I didn't really see it coming," the kid says in the video below.

"I stuck my glove out and caught it while my dad wasn't looking. He turned around, I show him the ball and he starts laughing."

The Giants went on to beat the Phillies, 4-2. And, before you ask, yes, John Pizzi got to keep that fateful foul ball.